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    1. Contact | 中文站Hello, welcome toJiangyin Zhongxin Engineering Equipment Co.,LTD official website!

      Jiangyin Zhongxin Engineering Equipment Co.,LTD

      Professional hydraulic winch, metallurgical equipment

      Provide you with a one-stop solution for hydraulic equipment of construction machinery!consulting service

      Product Center

      Enterprise advantage


      Three core advantages provide you with the overall solution of construction machinery

      Technical Advantages

      YJP series hydraulic winch has been reviewed by provincial and municipal leadership and expert judge and has obtained scientific and technological achievements appraisal

      Manufacturing Advantage

      Strict ISO9001 quality management system and standardized production process

      Delivery Advantage

      Excellent quality inspection and quality control personnel, honest marketing and after-sales service team, complete delivery, commissioning and after-sales service

      Project case

      R&D and production experience
      Production base
      Independent R&D technical engineer
      Long-term stable cooperation customers


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